About Our Mushrooms

The Uyoga Farm is currently under construction! We are scheduled to be in full production in Spring 2022. Our products will include gourmet mushrooms, food products and medicinal remedies.

Mushrooms, the fruiting body of a fungus, have over 10,000 different varieties! At The Uyoga Farm we are growing a small percentage of that. All of our types have been isolated and tested for growth performance. During this process we selected and secured mushrooms that showed an optimal phenotype.
The Uygoa Farm is housed on land that’s been passed down for generations and uses all organic materials. We are also led by a certified Food Safety Proctor and Instructor and observe all health and safety guidelines.
In addition, we are committed to maintaining regenerative growing practices by actively vermicomposting, introducing mycelium as soil restoration, and controlling our energy and water needs effectively. The Uyoga Farm is proud to be an active part of the local community and prioritizes historically underserved communities by donating fresh fruits routinely, future STEM opportunities for the youth and a host of other philanthropic endeavors.
Our dedication to creating a full on-site facility, carefully selecting high performing strains grown on organic material, and prioritizing green processes are all foundational aspects of our business.