About The Uyoga Farm

A fresh spore-to-table mushroom farm in Stedman, North Carolina specializing in organic fruits and specialty products. We highlight the amazing health benefits of medicinal and edible mushrooms.

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The Farm

We’re passionate about mushrooms role in holistic wellness and conserving our planet.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing organic products, prepared in an environment where we put people first. At The Uyoga Farm we prioritize integrity, honesty, sustainability, and returning to symbiosis with our planet.

Care and Handling

In addition to being led by a certified Food Safety Instructor and Proctor, at the farm we harvest mushrooms in a clean and sterile environment and utilize proper protective equipment.

The Growing Process

Our mushrooms are grown in custom built fruiting chambers. These “grow houses” will ensure we can grow several varieties while maintaining the specific growing conditions.

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Why Choose Us

Quality Products
We are dedicated to providing products that meet customer needs and expectations. As the world of medicinal and gourmet mushrooms expands, our products will remain organic and grown in a sustainable environment.

Nutritional Value
Mushrooms naturally contain a significant amount of nutritive properties while also holding the potential to be fully nutraceutical products. We understand that healthy food is a major factor in overall wellness and our proud to prioritize that.

Regenerative Farming
Fungi is a key component in maintaining soil health and creating regenerative systems. Supporting The Uyoga Farm allows us to further work in areas we’re passionate about; vermicomposting, myco-remediation, and ecological restoration.

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